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Senior Indoor Cricket

At Action Indoor Sports Morphett Vale we offer 6 Pack Indoor Cricket on Monday, Thursday & Sunday Nights. The new 6 Pack format at Action Indoor Sports promises to deliver more action, more thrills, and more fun for everyone. You don’t need to be a player to feel the spirit of the game. You could be cheering teams from the stands and you’ll blend right in. That’s how immersive the playing environment in Action Indoor Sports’ indoor cricket stadiums is. You’re not only a spectator; you’re an integral part of the game.

The first game of the night starts at about 6:20pm with the latest game finishing at about 10:00pm. 

Game Fee’s are $90.00 per team, which with a full team works out to $15.00 per player. 
*Discount rates do apply for anyone under 18 playing in senior competitions.
*If you are unable to field full team you are still required to pay the whole $90 game fee, however payment fees at a later date can be arranged with management

Junior Indoor Cricket

Junior Cricket is an exciting way for kids to learn the game of Indoor Cricket, have fun and play with their friends. Junior Cricket Competitions are offered for Under 10s, Under 12s & Under 14s and is offered on Thursday afternoons during Terms 4 & 1 starting at 4:00pm going through till 6:00pm.

Game fees are $7.00 per player with a once of $10.00 registration fee when they sign up to a team.

For those Younger ones that are still looking to learn the basics, click here to go to our Woolworths Cricket Blasts Information

Disability Cricket & Boccia

We have  recently launched our new Disability Indoor Cricket and Boccia Competition. This Competition is run on Sunday nights from 6:30pm. There is a weekly game fee of $10 for all players and no registration fees.

These nights start with a group warm up and training session aiming to teach all the players some new tricks and skills every week before games are started. Players are organised into teams and we run a full game with an umpire and full stats whilst players are guided through the game by staff.